We Believe that Giving to Church isn't just about keeping a building open or keeping the lights on. It's about Prioritizing Our Spiritual Lives, Promoting Our Spiritual Health, and Practicing a Lifestyle of Generosity.

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Giving Your Time or Talent

We are Stewards of our Church in many ways, not the least of which is Giving of our Time & Talents.

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We are Grateful For Your Support to Garden City Community Church.

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Why Do We Give?

We Give Out of Gratitude for What We Have Received.

Here's How Important the Garden City Community Church 

and the Act of Giving is to our Members



"My dad always taught me to just keep learning in your life and I think that if we can keep learning more about our relationship with Christ, we're going to learn more about ourselves and it's probably going to help us learn more about why we give and why we want to give."


"God is free but church is not. There is a cost to what we do. And if only happens because people give. I give because I know that while my God is free and I'm so blessed to be able to walk into this church every week and be able to pray that what I'm able to do, is what I'm given, is not free. And so I know that we have to support the work of the church to get the service that we want. When you give to church I feel like you're also giving back to God and the community."



"We believe in our vision. We know there is more that we should do and this is our family and we can do more to support our family."


"I give to the church because I'm blessed and grateful. I've been a member here for 30 years and there has never been a moment where I haven't felt welcomed. This is my home away from home. I feel at peace when I'm here, it's my place of solace. We are God's hands and arms and through the mission work that this church does and the outreach programs that this church has, we've touched a lot of lives and a lot of people in this community and we cannot do that without supporting our church."



"When I joined the Garden City Church in 2014, I became part of a family, united by our faith. I have experienced the love and support of so many wonderful church members; our wonderful ministers, deacons, choir members and others, through some very difficult times, through some sad times and some joyous occasions as well. Throughout these times, this church has been a constant source of strength for me."

245 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, N.Y. 11530

(516) 746-1700

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