Fall 2017 Sabbath Series

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On the seventh day, God rested…

The 4th Commandment calls us to remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy…

But what is Sabbath?

And how do we find time for rest in a fast-paced world?

Join us on Wednesday evenings during September and October at 8pm in Gardner Hall as we learn together about Sabbath, and experience it in community

9/20: What is Sabbath?                                        10/11: Rest and Purpose

9/27: Affording Time                                            10/18: A Time to Listen

10/4: Spending Time                                             10/25: Consider the Lilies


Some Great Books related to the series: 

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Shared with the Group:

"I certainly do not think that anxiety is automatically a bad thing -- it's what you do with it or what it does to you. One of the things that it can do is cause you to worship false gods. For example, a legitimate concern for the future can, with the assistance of anxiety, lead to the worship of money. I might think that I'm being responsible, but over time a preoccupation with family finances can take over my life." 

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