Garden City Clergy Fellowship Study Series

Why should you attend Werner Reich's presentation for the Garden City Clergy Fellowship on January 19?   To paraphrase George Santayana, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.  Werner Reich is a link to a history that should never be repeated.  

 In 1944, Werner Reich was a teenager in a Nazi death camp, Auschwitze-Birkenau.  He was one of the 5000 "Birkenau Boys,"  and was one of only 96 who survived.  He credits the his survival to a mentor at the camp -- a magician who taught him a magic trick that entertained the guards, making the young man useful.  He was liberated in 1945.

 Mr. Reich has spoken to many school groups and has written two books to help our youth understand what transpired in his youth. He has worked closely with the Long Island Council of Churches and the LI Multi-Faith Forum.. He spoke at one of our own forums a few years ago, after which Bob McMillan wrote:  

"Werner Rich's presentation will never be forgotten. ... this man has dedicated his life to making more people aware of the Holocaust and its impact on Jewish people."  

Come on January 19, 2016, and meet a living piece of history