Mission Day Three


Thank you all for following our mission trip! We feel your love, support, and prayers each day. Today our devotionals focused on the fact that God's love for us is Greater Than our personal failings. Even when we struggle, God lifts us up. 

Our work crews are helping with many home repair projects this week: Drywalling one house and building a skirt wall for it, spackling and painting another house, and working on the roof and walls of our host church. We're working hard and having a great time together. Please keep your prayers coming!  


[From our student journals]: 

"Today my crew had a local resident come through our work site. He came offering burritos to us. As we were eating the delicious food, he explained to us that he needed work done on his house. After talking  for a little while we learned that he was uneducated and could barely read or write. He explained that he didn't know much about God or the Bible until one month ago when some gave him a Bible and prayed with him. He is now on a journey to come closer to God. It was a very impactful and refreshing experience in the middle of a hard work day."


[From our leader journals]: 

"My work crew has impressed me greatly! We have all been hands-on for all the jobs: roofing, cutting wood, nailing, etc. New Mexico is beautiful and the sky here is a sight to see. I can't wait to sign up for another mission trip with GCCC and continue to serve God and spread his word."