Vacation Bible School!

Check out our Facebook Page where you will find wonderful photos of all of the week's activities (thanks, Suzie Alvey!)

On that page, you will see some pictures of the children in the sanctuary learning about Bible stories. One of my favorite moments of the week was when I was speaking with the children about the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 with just a few loaves of bread and some fish. His disciples took this small amount of food and it was multiplied for everyone. 

Spontaneously, as children do, one of the kids asked "Hey, why does that table [the alter] say "In remembrance of me?" While this question may not have seemed to have much to do with the story of Jesus and the loaves of fishes, it's actually directly related. When we receive communion, we are fed at Christ's table. But we aren't just fed and then sent on our way to be nourished on our own. Instead, we're charged at communion with taking the blessing from the table and going out into the world to serve others. 

This week is a communion Sunday. I hope to see many of you at church where we will be fed and then be called serve others. Let's multiply the blessing together.