Answering the Prayer

John 17:6-19

17:11 And now I am no longer in the world, but they are in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, protect them in your name that you have given me, so that they may be one, as we are one.

In the Gospel of John, we read Jesus' prayer before he ascended into heaven. What were Jesus' last words here in our world? He prayed for unity. He prayed that each of us might experience the same unity with one another that Jesus experienced with the Father. 

It's significant that this was his final prayer for us. Christ wanted us to get along with one another, to see one another as part of a unified vision for peace and love on earth. 

Which brings us to the question that always accompanies the Ascension: How will we respond to Jesus' prayer? Each one of us, in the decisions we make and in the way we treat one another, can be the positive answer to His prayer. May we live our lives in a way that answers His prayer with a resounding 'Yes!'