April 23, 2015    Psalm 23

Most of us know Psalm 23, (King James Version) by heart, don’t we?  When my grandmother died, I found a little devotional book of hers on Psalm 23.  This little book explains this well known and comforting passage.   Each line in that chapter has significant meaning to a shepherd.  For instance, sheep need to rest mid-day for their food to digest.  Sheep are afraid of moving water, so the shepherd finds a place in the river where it is still, so they can drink.  Rods fight off the enemy like a wolf, and a staff is used if a sheep slips down a mountainside and cannot pull itself up. At the end of the day, the shepherd examines each sheep and if one has a cut or abrasion, they put oil on it to heal.  The shepherd uses a long dipping spoon, like our soup ladles, to retrieve water from a barrel and gives the sheep more water.

If the shepherd takes care of all the sheep’s needs from morning to night, how much more will our God do for us?  Let us try to write a modern day poem that reflects how God protects us daily.


Holy God, thank you for showing us how much you love us and how you care for us moment by moment.  May we not stray from you, but find ways to get closer to you.  Amen