For a Thousand Generations

Psalm 105:1-11, 37-45

“He is mindful of his covenant forever, of the word that he commanded, for a thousand generations.”

Have you ever thought about a period of time that might seem long at first, say 200 years, and thought about how quickly that time actually goes by?  When we reflect honestly on our lives, they are quite short. And they move quickly! There are phrases in scripture that remind us of this fact. References to “a thousand generations” put thing in perspective. Each one of us plays a small role in a particular generation that is a small part of a very long history of all that is.

Yet this is not a sad or depressing reality when we see things through the lens of scripture. Scripture reminds us that no matter how short our lives are, or how small a role we play, we are part of a covenant that is for all times and that matters more than anything else. So while our own personal time may be short, and our own personal role may be small, the time we have and the role we play have infinite value when placed within the context of God’s plan. It’s a covenant for a thousand generations, and we’re invited to be an important part of it. That gives us great value and should bring us great joy.