A Clean Heart

Psalm 151:1-12

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me."

This season of Lent that we have been traveling through together is about giving ourselves time and space to share with God our weaknesses and our sins. This can seem like a very depressing prospect; we don't like reflecting on our failures. But the truth, reflected in the Psalms of scripture, is that we need to acknowledge our weaknesses in order to open ourselves fully to the joy that is found in God's forgiveness. 

When we pretend that all is fine and that we make no mistakes, or when we feel that we have done so much wrong that God will not forgive us, we miss out on the joy of the Easter season that is on the horizon. When, rather, we admit our mistakes, and accept God's compassion in our lives, we experience the joy of a new day that is filled with God's redeeming love. The season of Lent is about beginning the season of Easter with an open and eager heart. We pray to God for a new and right spirit. We pray for the new day to come.