February 4: Melting Away

February 4: Psalm 119:28-32

"My soul melts away in tears of sorrow; raise me up according to your word. Take from me the way of falsehood; be gracious to me through your law." 

With so much snow on the ground, the idea of "melting away" seems like a good metaphor. Have you ever felt so "down" or exhausted, or distraught that it seemed like your very being were somehow slipping away from you? It happens to all of us. The Psalmist follows up the image of the sorrowful melting soul with a prayer to be "raised up." 

I think that this passage describes how the strengthening of our spiritual lives can be an aid for weathering the storms of our lives. All of us get down, but only those of us who call upon God's name put ourselves in a position to receive the grace and the peace that comes a God who cares. Let's pray today that God will lift us up. Let our melting hearts be made whole.