Lenten Psalm

By Rev. Lynn Sullivan

Psalm 32

This Psalm is a perfect passage for the Lenten season.  It is a guide how to confess our sins to God, and the assurance that the burdens will be lifted if we rejoice in the Lord.

This sounds great.  Verse 9 reminds us that acknowledging our wrongdoings is not so easy for us.

“Do not be like a horse or mule, without understanding, whose temper must be curbed with a bit and bridle, else it will not stay with you.”

How often do we go to God confessing our transgressions?  How often do we go to the one we have wronged, and with a genuine heart, say we are sorry?  Why is that so difficult?

Let us pray:

Holy God, thank you for listening to us, and forgiving us; lifting the burden that has weighed us down.  Through your loving grace, we are free to give shout with joy and give you our praise and glory.  Amen