Advent Journal: December 20th

Matthew 2: 10-12

Home By Another Way

By George Bashian

The wise men had been “put wise” to Herod – they didn't bring word to him of Jesus' whereabouts.  Somehow the dream warned them that Herod didn't really want to come and worship Jesus; he wanted to eliminate Jesus as a threat to his earthly power.

It's easy to distance ourselves from Herod ...”that was then, this is now.”  But songwriter and performer James Taylor, in his song entitled “Home By Another Way,” manages to personalize Herod for us and make him a real-time threat today:

“They tell me that life is a miracle and I figured that they're right.

But Herod's always out there, he's got our name on file.

It's a lead pipe cinch, if we give an inch, old Herod likes to take a mile.”

The gospel of John reminds us that “the light shines in the darkness and darkness did not overcome it.”

But the darkness is still there.  Recognizing it, naming it, as James Taylor does, helps us confront and deal with whatever dark places there may be in our lives.  In Advent, by keeping our eyes on the light of Jesus, we won't get pulled into the darkness and can “go home by another way.”