Americana Fair Meeting

S.A.G.E. (formally known as the Garden City Community Church Auxiliary) is ramping up its planning of our 2015 Americana Fair.   In addition, we’ve many new, exciting events, programs and projects in the works too! We’re expanding our community events,  community outreach, partnerships and collaborations.  However, we need you to help make it all a success! From the main event in November, the Americana Fair, to our other fun events in the lead up to the fair, your unique talents and time can contribute to a growing group of dedicated volunteers.   Thursday, October  8, at 7:30 p.m., you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about getting involved in our church’s fundraising efforts.   S.A.G.E will hold an Americana Fair meeting, and we’re looking for team players who have a passion and drive, and are ready to make a difference.   If this is you, then please join us on October 8, 2015, at the Church Parlor, located at Garden City Community Church 245 Stewart Avenue, Garden City. 

Why should you volunteer?
Simple…because it’s fun! You’ll have the best time volunteering with S.A.G.E.  Over the many years we’ve worked with volunteers and here’s five things we’ve learned:

1. Our volunteers make a real difference! Whether you’re one of the many people filling a volunteer shift at the fair or you’re one of our die-hard volunteers working with us all year, know this; the work you put in makes a real difference to the Garden City Community Church.

2. The volunteer work you do will change your life forever

NO KIDDING! There’s a reason why our volunteers keep coming back year after year. It’s the same reason  we’ve been able to keep year-long volunteer committee members for years on end and attract new ones each year. Furthermore, working with a dedicated team like S.A.G.E., you’ll make new, lifelong friends.   We’re all like a family, working together presenting one of the church’s largest fundraising events.   After a week of work leading up to the fair, you’ll see it all come together on November 14th.

3. You’ll learn valuable new skills and talents!

Working at the Americana Fair will expose you to new challenges and opportunities. In the process, you’ll learn valuable new skills you can then put to use in other ways — in other volunteer roles, in your education. Some of our youth volunteers have even used their S.A.G.E. of GCCC work on their school essays!

4. You’ll meet awesome people!

We’ve got a dedicated group of people who come together to plan all year long.  Our core volunteer base is always growing, and each one of these folks are among the most awesome people you’ll ever meet.  If you’re looking for a ticket to get involved in the Garden City Community Church, this is it!

5. Quite simply, S.A.G.E. is fun!

We all work hard. Sometimes we put in long hours, and we definitely offer up some sweat during the week of the fair.  It’s tremendously fulfilling.  Our Americana Fair is one of the most rewarding fundraiser you’ll ever attend, working together for a common cause and vision.