January 27: Be Still and Know that I Am God

January 27: Psalm 46

"'Be still, and know that I am God! I am exalted among the nations, , I am exalted in the earth.' The Lord of hosts is with us; the GO of Jacob is our refuge." 

There is a stillness that falls over the world in the immediate aftermath of a giant snow storm. The pillows of snow on the ground muffle the sound waves so that the typical noise of our world is softened and things seem (and are) quiet. And the world is left looking different than it was when we last saw it. If only for a few hours, things are muted, and white, and different. 

It's hard to be still, but every now and then, things happen in our world which force us to alter our typical routine and just settle ourselves. Sometimes it's a major event in our lives, sometimes, it's something that we read, and sometimes, it's the weather. Wherever you are today, if you are made still by the events of the world, may the quiet remind you that God is there, waiting for us to be still enough to remember that he cares, that he's looking after us, and that he's looking forward to a quiet moment with us in prayer.