We believe that giving to church isn't just about keeping a building open or keeping the lights on. It's about prioritizing our spiritual lives, promoting our spiritual health, and practicing a lifestyle of generosity.

What Shall We Bring?

This is theme for this year's annual stewardship campaign.  Our campaign began on October 14 and will conclude with an all church celebration lunch on December 2nd after service.  Check out the website, Facebook and Instagram for more information and to pledge.  Not following us yet?  Follow us on Facebook @thegardencitycommunitychurch and on Instagram @thegccc.

We are stewards of our church in many ways, not the least of which is giving of our time and talents.  Please click the link below to fill in a brief survey telling us how you would be willing to help out! (one survey per person please).

"Stewardship is Loving God and Loving Neighbor"

Why do we give? We give out of gratitude for what we have received. Listen to what our church means to our members: 


Share with us the abundant blessing(s) that you are grateful for today: 



...And giving to church isn't only about money and donations. It's about sharing our time, our talents, and our gifts with one another and with the world. 


The many ways that we serve create the community That we love. 



Get involved and experience the Joy of Giving! 

Service Opportunities

Calendar of all of the activities that your gifts and time support