Forum schedule (Feb & March 2019)


February 3:  Rick Herbst – Presentation Annual Budget

 February 10:  Dr. Leonard Rodberg – NY Health Bill – Professor Emeritus of Urban Studies, Queens Colleg/CUNY and Co-diretor Community Studies of New York, Inc. Treasurer and researcher for PNHP (Physicians for a National Health Program)  He also works with Assemblyman Richard Gottfried on inserting long term care into the NYHealth Act of which Gottfried is the sponsor. 

 February 17: NO FORUM

 February 24: Rev Jan Powell – Interim Associate Conference Minster of the UCC New York Conference


March 3: Kristen Haase-Margolis & Karen Cummings – LiveOnNY Love. Life. Legacy – Organ Donation is Beautiful

 March 10: Dr. Esther Jimenez – Sugar In Disguise

 March 17: Lenten Book Study part 1 of 3, “Love Without Limits”

 March 24: Lenten Book Study part 2 of 3, “Love Without Limits”

March 31: Lenten Book Study part 3 of 3, “Love Without Limits”